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A plane flies over a building
Thanks for the feature Abduzeedo!


A plane flies over a building

My favorite track from “V”. Not their best album, but there’s some greats songs there. You can read my review here

Maroon 5’s V - Review

Last week, Maroon 5 released it’s latest and 5th album named, not so much creatively IMO, “V”. In case you still haven’t got the album (and you’re reading my review first? Fancy that), it’s no “Songs About Jane” 2, and it still have some pop-ish tracks, like in “Overexposed”, but, for me, “V” sounds like “Hands All Over” 2, in a few aspects, while there are some sounds from their precious album. Of course, for their newest fans I suppose, there are some mainstream tracks which sounds like their previous album, but they are less frequent this time, probably because the fact that Jesse Carmichael, which took a “spiritual healing” break in the production of the band last album, in 2012, returned to the group, bringing some pop-rock tunes to the records.

Time to put the headphones on and review track by track:


This track was released a few months ago as a single to promote their new album. You probably heard this track, since it was heavily promoted in the radios.

The first moments of the records sounds great, with that guitar riff and the lack of electronic pop sounds that were everywhere in “Overexposed”. But it doesn’t last for too long, as we approach of the chorus a few electronic beats start coming on. For me, it sounds kinda cheesy, but since it they wanted to make this music go mainstream, they had to give it these trendy electronic sounds. (Don’t get me wrong, I like electronic music, but they just don’t sound great with every track). Until the end of the track, they stick with these electronic beats. For me, “Maps” could be a hit, but it missed.


This was another track released as a single before the album release. It sounds somethink from their latest albums, to please the mainstream public. Don’t expect nothing like from their first records, it sounds like a hip hop song, with a guitar playing in the background. If you appreciated “One More Night” this song might be really great to you, but for me… it’s just not my style.

It Was Always You

That auto-tuned voice at the beginning is pretty annoying. But the songs starts to sound great after the second chrous, it’s my favorite part of the track. But this song gets repetitive quickly, and it also starts to sound more like a dance track when reaching the end. But at the end, it’s a good track, the best one so far.

Unkiss Me

Another dance track, the begging really sounds cheesy to me. Another track that sounds like that came from “Overexposed”. And the song beat remains the same for the rest of the song. It’s not a really exciting track, a track that I’d skip. It’s a slow track for the masses.


This song is a hit! If you are a fan of “Hands All Over”, this song was made for you! This track doesn’t sound like something made on a computer, it sounds something that we’d get if it was played live, which really pleases my ears. The chrous is really great, the rythm, the beat actually made by drums. It’s worth a listen!

Leaving Calfornia

The album only gets better from “Sugar”, this track is certainly another hit for me! This track sounds like a song from “It wont’ be soon before long” evolved. And some say that there’s some references to “Songs About Jane” in this track. This track is easy to listen, and it grows on you after some plays. Music to my ears.

In Your Pocket

The beginning sounds cool, no artifical annoying sounds. This song sounds like a contemporary pop track, the melody is really cool. But, there’s nothing unique or surprsing in this track. It’s good, but it doesn’t really stick. Worth a listen though.

New Love

Sounds like something that people would usally listen while on the gym. Nothing like their previous work, it’s a pretty fast paced track. The obviuosly auto-tuned vocal are kinda annoying for me. It’s a electronic-pop track.

Coming Back To You

The beggining sounds old-school, something from the 80’s. The vocals sounds way better in this track. The start feels slow, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad, I actaully kinda liked it. If you appreciate 80’s pop this can sounds kinda cool for, but this song isn’t only for the old fashioned, the chorus sounds modern, but kinda different from the rest of the track. It’s sounds cool.


This sounds totally different from their previous track, it’s not something I’d expect from Maroon 5. The melody and the beats are pretty sick, but the high-pitched “Feeeelings” in the chorus… Prepare your ears. But this song is really good dance track. But I’d rather if they stick with the pop-rock sound.

My Heart Is Open (feat. Gwen Stefani)

At least this time they aren’t pairing up with a rapper. This song reminds me of “Out of Goodbyes” which featured Lady Antebellum. It’s a innocent love song, unlike most of the track of this album. It’s another easy listening track. It’s not a song to dance or workout to, it’s something that you would listen while sitting down, relaxing after a long day. I approve that. “Yes, yes, yes” all over it.

Shoot Love

For a moment, I thought I was listening for a more slow paced “Feelings”, since the chorus also haves a highly-pitched “Feeelings”, or something like that. The drum at the beggining sounds out of context, it’s doesn’t that fit that great to the song. But it’s a cool track.

Sex and Candy

I have heard some bad criticism about this track, maybe because it doesn’t sound like a trendy pop song, or maybe people prefer the original version by Marcy Playground. But I think that Maroon 5’s cover is fantastic. I’d say that this track is the closest that they got of their old sound. A great slow groove, an authentic pop-rock track. Go listen to that ASAP!

Lost Stars

Looks like this is a Adam Levine only production, which is kinda suprising. I’d expect some electronic mainstream pop from him, but man, he released something new, and its REALLY great! It’s a slow guitar love song, kinda sounds like Coldplay. No electronic bs, just Adam and a guitar, and a lovely piano tune on the chorus. This song is a pleasent surprise, to me, just like “The Air That I Breathe” was. Highly recommended.

And this is all the tracks from “V”. Sure, it’s not a “Songs About Jane” or a “It Won’t be Soon before Long”, and still has influences from “Overexposed”, But this sounds like something Maroon 5, excpet for a few bad and surprisingly good exceptions. If you really enjoyed “Hands All Over”, you may fall in love this album as well. If you’re looking for older sounds, you may enjoy “Sex and Candy” or “Leaving California”. But I will stick with “Lost Stars” as my favorite track. Now, we can only enjoy “V” and wonder what will they produce next. Like many, I’d be really glad if their produced something like their first albums, but if they could also bring some great surprises, that would also be aweomse.

My final rating: 3.5/5

Don’t make stuff because you want to make money — it will never make you enough money. And don’t make stuff because you want to get famous — because you will never feel famous enough. Make gifts for people — and work hard on making those gifts in the hope that those people will notice and like the gifts.

This is terrible



On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

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